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Welcome to WoW Mogging, transmogrificaiton guide

With the arrival of patch 4.3 transmogrification was added to the World of Warcraft. This means that with the help of your friendly Etheral transmogrification vendor you can now change the appearance of your items to that of another item. The only restrictions being that the item has to be the same armor type (ie cloth for cloth) and the item must have stats (ie be green or higher in quality). Of course you also have to own the item you are wanting to use for the transmogrification process.

I have put together this web site so you can get a quick overview of the sets that are available and how to get them. Of course there are thousands of items in the game and new ones are being added all the time so this list will be constantly updated.
Bling For Nerds - Cool Jewelry (and other items) for Nerds
Alliance Ring
Horde Ring
Horde Necklace
Aliens Ring
The Nightmare Before Christmas Necklace
Hearthstone Pendant
Alliance Crest Ring
Horde Crest Ring
Horde Necklace
Aliens Ring
Nightmare Xmas
Transmogrification Class Sets
Death Knight Armor
Death Knight
Druid Armor
Hunter Armor
Mage Armor
Paladin Armor
Priest Armor
Rogue Armor
Shaman Armor
Warlock Armor
Warrior Armor
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